School of Engineering (Undergraduate)

Department of Mechanical and Intelligent System Engineering (MISE), School of Engineering

Our department was newly established with the merger of the former Department of Mechanical Engineering and Department of Nuclear Engineering. We aim to develop researchers and engineers who can initiate innovative and advanced R & D projects in areas such as biotechnology, nano- and micro-technology, energy & the environment and the ultimate frontiers of engineering.

To achieve these ends, we ensure our students are knowledgeable in terms of “power,” “flow” and “heat” which form the basis of mechanical engineering, and provide an education that fosters the ability and sense to create a variety of products and systems by applying this knowledge. We have enhanced the teaching of the fundamental principles in new areas outside the category of mechanical engineering, such as quantum mechanics and bioengineering. We also emphasize a method of education that allows students to solve problems with their own ideas and cultivates individuals that are capable of fulfilling active roles on the global stage.

Our department offers the field of study of Mechanics and Information and the field of study of Mechanical Systems. We offer flexible curricula for our students. In addition to studying compulsory subjects common to these courses, students can also attend elective classes from other courses. Course selections do not determine or restrict graduate level specialties.

We promise that a fulfilling campus life and a meaningful future await any student whose studies are inspired by thoughts such as “How could this happen-” or “It will be good to make something like this.”
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