The Laboratory of Biomechanical Design “バイオメカニカルデザイン研究室” aims to design materials, structures, and systems that function in cooperation with the human body from a mechanical perspective, with the aim of providing medical and welfare support by assisting or replacing biological functions. We conduct research on the relationship between the complex hierarchical structure of human tissues and organs and their functions, and design materials and systems that cooperate with these functions.
Current research topics include biomechanical research focusing on the hierarchical structure of bones, teeth, and cartilage, lattice structure design that imitates cancellous bone structure, creation of bone-mimicking calcified collagen matrix using fish collagen, biomaterial research such as the creation of scaffolds using biodegradable plastic and magnesium, as well as the development of human body movement mechanisms and movement assistance control based on them, and general-purpose robot arms with haptic sensation.


Lab introduction (8m53s, in Japanese) from 北海道大学オンラインオープンキャンパス2021

Lab introduction (1m27s, in English) from Hokkaido Study Abroad Program on Oct 14, 2020