Bone Biomechanics

Bone Biomechanics


Hierarchical structure and mechanical properties of bone matrix


Bone is often regarded as a composite material consisting of hydroxyapatite (HAp-like) mineral particles, organic matrix (mostly Type I collagen) and water phases in microscopic scale. The mechanical properties of bone at macroscopic scale depend on the structural organization and properties of constituents in the microscopic scale. We investigate the relationship between the mechanical properties and micro-structure of bone tissues. And we investigate the mechanical behavior of the biomimetically mineralized collagen material for bone scaffolds.

Structural strength of cancellous bone


Macroscopic bone properties depend on the microscale structural organization and the properties of microstructural elements. In the case of cancellous bone, the network structure of trabeculae, i.e., bar/plate bone elements of submillimeter diameter/thickness, results in the anisotropic properties as a porous media, and it is important to investigate the mechanical properties of cancellous bone with relation to the microstructural and micromechanical properties of trabeculae. We investigate the structural strength of cancellous bone. And we investigate the relationship between the macroscopic properties of cancellous bone and its trabeculae properties.